The elevator pitch

My name is Shawn Youngblood, and I’m concerned about our food system. I recently graduated with a PhD in Classics, specializing in food policy during Ancient Rome. Much of what they got right, crafting policy based on broad considerations of issues, we have ignored. We are spending taxpayer money to fuel an obesity epidemic that is not only costing us billions of dollars in health care and lost productivity, but is contributing to hundreds of thousands of deaths every single year. My expertise is research analysis focusing on data-driven policy initiatives and education campaigns to determine and to advance the best outcomes being achieved by our communities nationwide. My work offers more savings, better jobs, and healthier lives. The people need this, and awareness is growing. Will you help me continue this conversation?

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  1. Obesity is an overwhelmingly large issue in today’s society and definitely needs a solution as soon as possible. Unfortunately, even though awareness of this life threatening epidemic is wide, many people still act ignorantly towards the issue, not quite understanding all the effects (or simply not caring). All I can say is that I still have hope that more people will begin to prioritize not just the health of our nation but the incredible size of our national debt.

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