Vote Anti-Republican

The GOP has abandoned propriety and reasoned judgment. Evidence and expert consensus contradicts their stance on virtually every issue, from climate change and the environment, to tax reform and social investment, to immigration, health care, education. The majorities of people who spend their lives working to understand and improve specific fields of knowledge are being ignored and ostracized in favor of shoot-from-the-hip, willfully ignorant politics at best, and predatory corruption at worst. We need competency in government, which requires humility, a respect for experience and proficiency, and a coherent, organized vision grounded in information and inclusion. The Republican agenda is a proven failure for all but the wealthiest few. Most Americans are going to suffer for decades to come.

“Oh, but at least they’re better than the Democrats!” No, no they’re not. The Democratic party is bad, but not equally so. Their biggest fault is letting the witless popularity of the conservative agenda contaminate their own policies with the big money myth that progress begins at the top, but at least they profess allegiance to an America for all. We should nurture the potential of We the People, encourage education early and often, and endorse candidates willing to choose data over divination and compassion over fear. As bad as the Democrats are, they are the most receptive to verifiable outcomes.

I’ve always believed that you should base your vote on support rather than opposition, that you should approve of your candidate regardless of the others. For the first time in my life, I’m advocating for an opposition vote to put an end to the ruinous efforts of the GOP. Search out good candidates when and where you can, but don’t abstain if the competing candidate doesn’t perfectly fit your vision. The most important thing is to get these Republicans out of office, especially at the higher levels. It’s the only way to combat the efforts of the so-called conservatives to consolidate power. It’s come to this. Waiting for the ideal is a losing strategy. Protect our future. Vote anti-Republican.

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